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Featured Model: Hiéusz

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Meet Hiéusz Trân! 


Some of the best things happen through collaboration and Hiéusz really brought a lot of creativity and energy to our photo shoot. 

What started as a simple portrait session involved a lot of Hiéusz and I asking each other, "what if?" and ended up sparking a bit of an obsession with capturing multiple poses in the same shot. 


No Photoshop trickery or file combining here, each of these photos is a single image and demanded that Hiéusz nail two (or more) different poses within a few short seconds. Hiéusz really had to be on his game for these to have turned out so well. 


Hiéusz is represented by JE Models in San Francisco and recently moved to Los Angeles. See more of Hiéusz on his website, here.

Zion National Park Portraits

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During the 5 day driving journey from Chicago to LA we decided to make a stop at Zion National Park. I had never heard of it before and, I'll confess, didn't even look it up before we got there other than to verify the location relative to our plotted course. 

As we approached the park, there were foreboding clouds on the horizon and raindrops on the windshield. I remember stopped the car just before entering the park to question if the risk of poor weather was worth the entrance fee or if we should just turn around and catch some pictures of the mountains at sunset as we drove away. 

I'm sure glad we stopped, Zion National Park just blew me away! Locations like this are a dream come true for me to shoot in, so we couldn't resist an impromptu portrait session.


Read more about the journey from Chicago to LA here